Emerging Wireless Technologies And Application

          In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine what life would look like if technologies stopped working all of a sudden. When seen on a larger scale technology has been a boon to humanity as it has helped avoid major catastrophes in various ways. Thanks to the beautiful minds of certain great scientists, technology keeps on developing and providing humanity with better solutions. The following are a few of the best-emerging technologies which are going to change the fate of how the world sees technology today.


1) WiGig: High-Speed Wireless –



          The WiGig high-speed wireless internet gets the top stand on this list as it is going to revolutionaries the network industry. It uses a 60Ghz radio band and will connect at the theoretical speed of 10 Gbps. This could be extremely useful in the security industry as companies which deploy wireless camera entirely rely on the data speed for the clarity of the image. Using WiGig will ensure these companies high definition video without any form of disturbance, as the constant speed make it the ideal partner of wireless applications.


2) Bluetooth Smart: Same Tech, Less Energy –


         The Bluetooth technology has prevailed on our smartphone and laptops for many years but as we see know it has many drawbacks which gets it the negative marking. The all-new Bluetooth Smart is the advanced version of the traditional Bluetooth which is going to be used in every company in a small period of time. The advantages of it are that it uses very less power when compared to conventional Bluetooth and does not keep sending out signals.


3) Apple iBeacon: Transmit Retail Deals to iOS Devices –



        The Apple iBeacon completely relies on the Apple phone operating software to work as the system is only compatible with iOS at this stage. When at close proximity to any store or shelf your phone can automatically connect to the in-store sensor network which then allows the users to get discounts, coupons and even the complete detail of the product right on their mobile phone.


4) Cisco Intelligent Proximity: Wireless Content Sharing –


        The Cisco intelligent proximity is one such content sharing application which is going to make business offices run much more efficiently without an error. Using the Cisco Systems telepresence gear your mobile phones will automatically connect to any video conference which could be going on and then you can use the content sharing application of it to grab and send files easily during the high definition video conferences. The service offers its users the standard wifi, but it senses your proximity to the meeting and automatically authenticates your access to it.


5) Wireless in the Car: Safely Stay Productive on the Go –


         In recent years, one part of the industry which has gone through tremendous improvement is the automobile industry. Along with super fast cars which provide exceptional performance, companies are also trying to improve the wireless application in all the vehicles. The upcoming 5G services are going to revolutionaries wireless data in automobiles. The entire process of streaming in cars and navigation will run smoothly without any issue. You’ll be able to share information with at least more than seven vehicles near you, turning your car into a moving hotspot. This can be extremely helpful as it’ll keep you as well as the cars near you aware and alert about any disturbances which could occur on the road.