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KSL took over the zone? Not on the show today? iHeartMedia Minneapolis is proud to continue our partnership with Gopher Athletics and Learfield through the 2026-27 athletic season, said Greg Alexander, iHeartMedias market president in Minneapolis, said in a press release. Below are a few of the "interesting" ideas from his article. But if he repent not he shall not be numbered among my people, that he may not destroy my people (3Nephi 18:31). Sometimes, that judgment is not withheld. So what - Gordon Monson. Monson was caught up in a business decision between the Jazz and Bonneville International Corp., which will manage the daily operations of The Zone Sports Network (97.5 FM and 1280 AM). There is an I in Rich and Eisen, so I am using this platform for myself.. Who do we want to replace those that leave the Zone/97.5? WFAN afternoon host Evan Roberts thought he was reading a story from sports satire site Ballsack Sports while perusing the report. Bonneville also agreed to simulcast Utah Jazz games on KSL News Radio. That speaks for itself, or would, if it were done my way. We might be wrong sometimes, and we knew that up front. Monson was caught up in a business decision between the Jazz and Bonneville International Corp., which will manage the daily operations of The Zone Sports Network (97.5 FM and 1280 AM). Its love without conditions. - Gordon Monson. GordonMonson This was a really great article! All posts are copyrighted by their author. I didn't realize the Tribune had a satire column! Make it clear that eternity is a long, long time and if people in this brief life do not always get or agree with what the church is doing or why it takes the positions it does, and they dont cling to the iron rod or stay on the covenant path, if they wander a bit or a lot, they wont necessarily be sentenced to some miserable, hellish prison in the Great Beyond, isolated from whom and what they love. Hunter. Such things wouldn't need to be changed and should stand the tests of time. - Gordon Monson. GordonMonson Leave Gordon. Radio is a fickle business. Along with current Jazz television broadcaster Craig Bolerjack, after being let go at the now-defunct KFAN, Monson helped create the original 1280 The Zone in 2001. This may be the right one. But with modern economics being what they are for most hardworking members everywhere, the strain and stress put upon believers who just want a certain quality of life would be lowered. Patbagley GordonMonson Good list. Some folks need to be encouraged that, yes, they are capable of doing things they might think they are incapable of doing. .GordonMonson: This lifelong Latter-day Saint has 20 ideas for things he would change about the church, on the Word of Wisdom, tithing, full-time missions, how female members are treated, and more. The two men sold the independent station Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment in 2012. Gloss over it? It's worth reading in depth. Is a walk around the neighborhood OK, but a hike in the mountains not OK? I am somebody that should be in that room.. They each tells of young people experiencing very difficult times, some even life threatening events. It's probably a contract issue/cost savings. The scriptures speak a lot about the importance of the Sabbath day, the promises to those who obey that commandment are real and powerful. 55K Views 28 Retweets 21 Quote Tweets 328 Likes Kyle Van Noy Patrick is a radio host for 97.5/1280 The Zone and the Zone Sports Network. They are the on-air, microphone-toting, talking pirates minus one who walked the plank. There's not a lot of on air talent in this market. RE: As of immediately? But requiring missionaries to sport a monolithic look might not always be the right move. iHeart Minneapolis has been an outstanding partner, and were pleased to secure a multi-year extension with Greg and his team, knowing theyll continue to provide best-in-class opportunities for fans to follow the Gophers, Gopher Sports Properties VP/GM Greg Gerlach added. When his lieutenants asked him what on Gods green earth he was doing, coming on a show with the other guys, he uttered the essence of what our station was about. Like most things in religion, like most things should be in religion, its left up to the individual to decide, a little thing called agency, and its left up to everyone else to withhold negative judgment. Its seeing each others jagged edges, but choosing never to look away. Amirite or amiwrong? One of the highlights for us was having Larry Miller make a weekly appearance on our show. He was trying to disrupt swimmers who were protesting the hotel . Press J to jump to the feed. In pink tops and white pants, women celebrate free period products becoming available in Utahs state buildings, Proposal to boost Utah bar licenses gets smaller with another round of cuts by lawmakers, Moab, Park City cry foul as Utah lawmakers target rules for vacation homes. He was a top prospect, a 6-foot-7, 330-pound offensive tackle who had been a high draft pick, selected despite previously sending letters to NFL clubs saying he would decline any invitation. But in a complex world, doing so is impossible, and its also irresponsible. Part of his uniqueness. (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Gordon Monson. Perhaps Brother Monson and his priesthood leaders should reflect on his implicit/explicit public denunciation of church practice and the review the following question in his next interview. Let women wear what they want to wear, including pants to church meetings, if it makes them feel better about themselves, and urge the men to keep their thoughts in the right place. Sports is usually a good. Not infrequently, with BYU such a big deal in this market, religion crossed over into sports. Ive thought about this a lot. The Golden Gophers have a new deal with iHeartMedia. /r/Mormon is a subreddit for articles and topics of interest to people interested in Mormon themes. Listeners phoning in on sports-talk radio shows were fired up. 3 more would improve Utahs culture: shun being childlike, move beyond materialism (Rolexes arent a pass to heaven), take air pollution that prematurely kills 2,400/yr seriously. Estimated read time: 3-4 Thank you for supporting local journalism. All topics? Nobody in the business has done more, never missing a beat even as multiple radio partners came and went over the years. Were excited to use our scale and reach to bring Gopher sports to fans throughout Minneapolis and nationwide on the iHeartRadio app.. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Miller's group then sold the operation to Smith Entertainment Group in May 2021. Bonneville bought a station in San Francisco with an openly gay morning show team. For that matter, go ahead and make it OK for BYU to play on Sunday, too, removing all the inconveniences and impositions put upon opposing teams and schools and leagues, having to make special arrangements for the Cougars and only the Cougars. . When the Jazz took over ownership of the stations nine years ago, and ever since, managers with the team had always been fair to me, even though I likely ticked them off regularly, and there are many good people in that organization, top to bottom, who I respect. The man deserved a better send-off. Its fighting hard, but loving harder. Thats what we saw ourselves as freaking pirates in the studio, at the ballpark, at the stadium, at the arena, toting and talking into our microphones, taking notes, taking calls and taking no prisoners. He also made a lot of money in the sale to the. One host, with whom Im rather familiar, was told by a coach not to come here once every two years and ask that question. Read more >>, GordonMonson I am happy in my beliefs the way I get are. Id like to be wealthy as much as the next guy. He is a native of Ballard, a suburb of Seattle. For a faith that wants to be seen, in a very literal sense, as the true Church of Christ, the question must be asked: What is it actually known as? (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Gordon Monson. But it was published with him thinking he can be a standup comedian because Jane Fonda laughed at his jokes while filming 80 For Brady.. There was a complication in that mixing. GordonMonson He could have send a letter to the Q12, instead of whinnying on a leftist newspaper. It's never easy to lose a job. He is still with the Salt Lake Tribune, where he will continue to have a sports voice in the market. Two hosts got flashed in the studio by a couple of female listeners in hopes of winning Jazz tickets smack dab in the middle of a show. Ignore it? GordonMonson 100% in agreement with your 20 recommendations. Millers group then sold the operation to Smith Entertainment Group in May 2021. I had a seminary teacher once who informed everyone in attendance that turning on a sprinkler to water the lawn on the Sabbath was sinful. it's a shame that Greg Wrubell won't do it anymore. It has gotten to the point where it sounds too highfalutin, too pretentious, too beyond the average churchgoing Jane or Joe. What a remarkably interesting man. He is at home commenting on what takes place on basketball . I wonder if he was suddenly let go without any fanfare due to his recent SL Trib column in response to Hollands BYU speech. You werent in the position or frame of mind at a certain time in your life to do the mission thing? when people say he is loadedhow much is loaded. That'd be fun. But all that is technical minutiae and doesn't begin to explain much about Monson besides the tenacious desire to accomplish his objectives. You can find a list of our flairs and their definitions in section 0.6 of our rules. Why arent parts of Utahs prison being saved for historys sake. GordonMonson team, our membership numbers are running low. Monson, who had been co-hosting the afternoon show on The Zone alongside Jake Scott, co-founded the independent station with Utah Jazz TV voice Craig Bolerjack. Do you really think Christ expects the holders of his priesthood to sacrifice? sltrib.com 1996-2023 The Salt Lake Tribune. It may be a wine bar, but a bar nonetheless!. only for your personal, non-commercial use. Boxer. A lot of members seem to miss this one, finding it a duty to be their brothers or sisters keeper, finding it more important to herd the flock in line, rather than caring, loving, supporting one another in a world that can, at times, already be brutal enough. But I always came back to the feeling that I shouldnt. Not the real you. (Had to get one sports reference in here. Its the type of love that makes us feel at home no matter where we are. Maybe an argument now and again. Trapper. It's about what could and maybe should have happened off it. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. By the way, which is unhealthier banned coffee or permissible energy drinks that simultaneously spin the body and blow the mind in a thousand different directions? Over the past seven seasons, we saw the ups and downs. Local headlines and stories are HeadTopics.com immediately. for this different, more expansive proclamation.6. He didnt beat anybody over the head with his own personal, strident brand of righteousness, his higher standard. There was no sanctimony in his decision. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." Dan Patrick liked the idea. 9/30/21 2:08pm. That had a strong impact on me.. GordonMonson amen, and AMEN! He's there, you can count on it always. This book, "The Daughter," is her version of the story in the Fascination With Life series in the first book, "The Longest Five Minutes." That was the first book in this series. Shame, shame, shame. Was it because I voiced my own independent thoughts about sports and a wide range of other topics that made the folks at KSL uncomfortable? He didnt own 1320 KFAN, but the Jazz had an operating agreement with it. Do not just pat them on the head and sweetly smile at them. Get rid of the fascination with the female form and making sure it is covered up. Things he thinks leaders should change. And for others, it can mess them up, causing in them a negative feeling toward the church, with the pressure it exerts for them, whether theyre capable of it or not, to fulfill, in the case of males, their priesthood duty, and for females, to reach a lofty standard of Latter-day Saint rite of passage. One host, after losing a bet, incorrectly predicting that Utah would lose to BYU in the big rivalry game, had to dress as a Cougarette and read a poem in front of the entire Utes team, everybody busting their guts laughing. Honestly, it's really creepy when this has happened to me over the last 20+ yrs. Six Sigma Black Belt. I'm glad Gordon still writes for a newspaper and provides the sporting news for those who don't read their news online or by podcast. Will church-owned KSL celebrate critical thinking about sports and other topics, too? 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Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Its who these guys are. Gordon Monson: "He only wants to talk to you about the good times, not about the bad, not about the issue that has rightfully grown in public attention but that he has never fully addressed." sltrib.com Gordon Monson: Karl Malone ran from me this weekend, and he runs from you, still It was a bit rough around the edges. The stations but not really that fired me last Thursday, or no, that were letting me go, or not taking me with.. Everyone freaked out that the Mormons would cancel the show. He was happy for other athletes who chose to go ahead and play on Sundays for their success, for their utilization of size and strength and speed and skill. "What some readers and listeners don't know, he's a dedicated friend to many he truly cares. Maybe Gordo can comment on that? Donate more if you feel so inspired, but you dont have to do so in the name of good and godliness. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity and contributions are tax For a minute, forget about the bombastic statements and sentences, think about what really matters. GordonMonson This lifelong member should just leave the Mormon church until they can prove, using non-Mormon sources, that Reformed Egyptian was ever a real language GordonMonson Liked the article. GordonMonson They wasted 2 pages in the paper for this. GordonMonson Add in allowing for the punching of deznat members, and you got my vote. I hope he lands on his feet. Thanks Gordon. People around here only got bits and pieces of the whole. Cover it up? I hope he finds something new. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. It would also be a better look for the church overall, given the immense stock and investment portfolio the organization has. GordonMonson The fact that this needs such an overhaul to me is an indication that it is not the word of a God. Inter-Faith Advocate. Although he jokes he's an "oxymormon," he believes his experience gives him unique insight. He can move in with Tanner in PDX. All sides of all topics? Over time, before the LHM Group bought the stations, personnel changed, the Jazz-affiliated station lured away some talent, and the competition was fierce. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Not saying there arent benefits to avoiding certain endeavors of consumption, especially in excess. he does a great impersonation of Rob Gronkowski, and hes got a really over-the-top Boston accent that he can also do. Whenever possible, choose a job that does not require you to work on Sundays.. I was coming to the end of the line anyway, planning to walk away on my own. Perhaps youve noticed. Click here to read Gordon full article. deductible, Report a missed paper by [email protected] calling801-237-2900, For e-edition questions or comments, contact customer support801-237-2900or [email protected]. Not a rebel. Its challenging mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is dumb. The question Gordon is most often asked is where he went to school. In one church manual, targeted toward young people, which appeared to be official, it read as follows: Sunday is not a day for shopping, recreation or athletic events. Politically I've been annoyed with KSL, but sports-wise they've been pretty fair, Actually a very good move. It might be hard. Its genuine acceptance, unwavering protection and boundless devotion. And, yeah, his weekly show was on The Big Show on 1280 The Zone. 12. Instead of the fundamental unit of society being couples having and raising children, family is just anyone who unconditionally loves each other. He continued the papers long tradition recently by weighing in on what he thinks church leaders are getting wrong. In June 1964, James Brock dumped acid into the water at the Monson Motor Lodge in St. Augustine, Fla. Through numerous station and personnel changes, Gordon Monson has been a staple across various radio parts. Family is potential without pressure. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. That station was what became 1280 AM The Zone, later adding 97.5 FM The Zone. Make it fun, make it entertaining, make it informative, make it daring, make it bold, make it honest, make it fearless, fill it with strong opinion, with the opinion of listeners and with our own opinions, the opinions of pirates. "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 29K subscribers in the mormon community. The next youth leader who uses the chewed-stick-of-gum analogy for any girl who falls short of the moral-cleanliness standard so revered in church teachings would be put in timeout for a few months to rethink that comparison. Yeah, this would cost the church a stack of cash, reducing its financials considerably. I actually liked Austin and thought he was funny. Your suggestions are sound and I support you 100%. He told Rich Eisen that he recently had a conversation with his wife saying that he needed a new crusade in life. To those commenting: please stay on topic, remember to follow the community's rules, and message the mods if there is a problem or rule violation. GordonMonson Looks like father & son GordonMonson Miss Gordon GordonMonson I miss you on the radio, GordonMonson Now thats a church I could go back to. President Thomas S. Monson has served as the 16 th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since February 3, 2008. Tribune sports columnist Gordon Monson was ousted from his spot on The Zone's afternoon drive time show after 20 years behind the mic. These guys did. Our two companies are uniquely aligned, sharing deep roots in Utah and a focus on serving local audiences with a commitment to high-quality content and operations.. When there are a hundred billion or hundreds of billions of dollars in that portfolio, doesnt requiring for good standing a 10% contribution seem a bit heavy, asking people to pull that out of their relatively sparse pay? A report from Radar Online claims the reason Tom Brady wont begin his television duties with FOX Sports until 2024 is due to his desire to launch a career in standup comedy. You werent in the position or frame of mind at a certain time in your life to do the mission thing? (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Gordon Monson. Its love without conditions. On December 29, he had a cardiac episode and has been in the hospital since. sltrib.com 1996-2023 The Salt Lake Tribune. Im rooting for them. It came from a gossip site that said Tom Brady is pushing back the start of his TV career until the fall of 2024 because Tom Brady wants to begin a career in standup comedythis is Radar Online. All the shows filled by talented hosts such as David James and Patrick Kinahan, Ian Furness, Ryan Hatch, John Lund, Sean OConnell, Hans Olsen, Alema Harrington, Pace Mannion, Bolerjack, Scott Garrard, Kevin Graham, Jake Scott, Kyle Gunther, Jan Jorgensen, and a slew of others were successes. Do not muffle them, even if you dont like what is said. Monsons partner, Jake Scott was not reportedly amongst the cuts. And, yes, he is LDS. Something that would be, with any luck, not seen as blasphemous or as an excuse to have me banned from a faith I believe in as it is, chucked out of a church I revere and of which I am happily a lifelong member. As for those who feel left out or shamed when the question is asked at a church meeting How many of you served a full-time mission? Went to a church service the other day where a young man was speaking at the pulpit who had started out on a mission, but months in had guilty feelings about certain things he had done before leaving, was sent home for six months to repent and was now about to head back out to finish his service. (Alma 34:33-34). So the station powered on: Speak your mind, deal with the consequences for or against, positive or negative from listeners and advertisers. semakan status permohonan lanjutan dan visa,

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