favorite guns of drug cartels

These firearms couldnt possibly coming through California. The survey drawn from guns identified by manufacturer or importer in U.S. court documents from 44 cases involving 165 defendants in Texas, Arizona and three other states shows the purveyors of guns to Mexican drug traffickers followed a time-honored maxim of product salesmanship: Bigger is definitely better. https://www.npr.org/2019/02/21/696561255/heckler-koch-fined-4-2-million-over-assault-rifle-sales-in-mexico, For no other reason than eric holder lead the investigation, I question everything we know about the Oklahoma City bombing, wow is that guy nuts. Officials found 17 handguns in his car. Mexican Drug Cartels Agree: American-Made Guns Are the Best, Mexican drug and crime cartels prefer American-made guns. Together the men funneled nearly 340 firearms valued at almost $370,000 to Mexican drug cartels. A jeweler shows a gun butt made of gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies to form the Mexican flag, for a 1911 pistol in Culiacan, Sinaloa state on July 12, 2011. Eighty-seven percent of traceable firearms seized by the Mexican government have been traced back to the U.S. We've inadvertently "gifted" Mexico with more than 64,000 firearms over the last five years. Those associatesarrange the purchase of several guns keeping them atstash houses or handing them off to transporters ingas station parking lots or other neutral locations, Lestrange said. First manufactured in the 1980s, the M82 rose to prominence during the first Gulf War when it was adopted by theUS military. John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. sniper, and his youthful accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, used a Bushmaster .223 in nine of 10 sniper-style murders that terrorized the Washington area in 2002. I do like tacos though. ReporterKarolSurez contributed to this story. Of theguns used in crimes in Mexico and traced back to the United States, about 41% camefrom Texas, he said. ", Once the purchase was completed and the "customer" left the store, " the money was counted with the cameras watching it. Email us here. Its compactness makes it easy to conceal and some versions can hold a 30-round magazine, made of lightweight polymer. Shut your pie hole Holder. It was going on all over the city -- we knew we weren't the only store -- you've got plenty of evidence, you know where they live. This is another valid reason to vet second hand gun purchases because there often is no paper trail with second hand guns, especially guns that have been sold over and over again second hand. How could the ATF make selling firearms to the cartels a more pleasurable process? Then, basic questions: Did you feel they knew what they were buying? One room of the museum is dedicated to narco culture. ", Yvonne Hemsey/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. (Hollie McKay/Fox News) Moreover, a total of 28,741 recovered weapons . I came here to say this. AP/Eduardo Verdugo. The bridge connectsEagle Pass, Texas, to the Northern Mexicocity of Piedras Negras in the state of Coahuila. The 5,114 figure is simply wrong. The Bushmaster .223 comes with a 30-round magazine, enabling the shooter to fire all 30 rounds, one for each pull of the trigger, in a minute or less. A Hearst Newspapers survey of 1,600 guns purchased mostly in Texas and Arizona which were either shipped to Mexico or intercepted en route shows the Bushmaster .223 AR-15 ranks second among firearms apparently used in drug warfare. We sat down with "James," who worked at one of the gun stores the ATF ordered to sell firearms to drug cartels. It's made it easier than ever to drive to any Texas gun shop and legally stockpile guns, whether or not the customers belong to a Mexican cartel. Cartel gunmen armed with AK-47s purchased in Arizona overwhelmed the police, killing eight. If Diaz had sneaked his arsenal past U.S. Customs officials, he would have had to pay a "piso," or fee, to members of the Crtel del Noreste,or CDN, which dominates this area of northern Mexico, Jonessaid. "As a result of the continued use and possession of many of these guns, residents of Mexico will continue to be killed and injured by these guns, and the public will continue to fear for their health, safety, and welfare," Americanattorneys wrote in the suit on behalf of Mexico. Diaz, who pleaded guilty, and Vasquezareawaiting sentencing. I could have sworn that at one time there was a federal law that banned face masks, a law intended to force the KKK out into the open. In summer, a command intercepted a dozen tourists after being mistaken for members of a rival cartel. Gold-plated, diamond-encrusted weapons are shown to the press after they were confiscated when the army seized a ranch in Zapopan, Mexico, Sunday, May 2, 2010. Formed by ex-military men who became armed enforcers for the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas split with their former patrons nearly three years ago and have since become one of Mexico's largest and most . They weren't tracking them well enough; everyone made it over the border. 6 Ugly Things I Learned Selling Guns To Drug Cartels. Never heard of Obama? If someone is breaking the law, go after them. CDC reinstates mask recommendation for planes, trains, While U.S. hits new job quitting record, this man set his own record 84 years at the same company, The U.S. housing market is historically overvalued. The Insider: Reggie Yates - Episode 2: Mexican Army: War Against Powerful and Violent Drug Cartels | Crime DocumentaryThe Insider: Reggie Yates - Episode 1: . I think thats pretty fair. The perfect moment to strike, of course! And follow Robert on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Mexican government blames prominent U.S. gun manufacturers for the influx of cartel weaponsin its lawsuit against them in federal court in Boston. I got a phone call one day on the shop line, and a guy was looking for a Barrett .50 cal, which is not a crazy weapon in terms of how available they are.". leaks of official weaponry bought by the Mexican military. The recent California shooting was done by a maniac who drove for almost 12 hours to commit crime. Coke was originally supposed to make you smarter or something. Men claiming to speak for Mexico's most powerful drug cartel have released a video threatening to murder . ATF agents say almost 100 of those weapons have turned up at cartel-related crime scenes in. A 9mm browning pistol has the diamond encrusted initials of LMJ. Tijuanas Director of Public Safety, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, says most of the guns flowing into his city come from north of the border. Weapons such as the M82 are part of a torrent of illegal arms flowing south, Mexico alleges, partly due to the manufacturers negligent business practices that had encouraged illegal arms trafficking. Thousands upon thousands of firearms are smuggled into Mexico from the U.S. each year. "But we also know most of the violence the Mexican government is concerned about against police and against institutions is coming from CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel" run by the notorious kingpin "El Chapo,"Lestrange said. Theyre American-made guns, Sotomayor told the Union-Tribune. If our source's store had just followed their guts and refused to sell to the most obviously sketchy buyers, the world would've been a little bit safer. The weapons are sold legally but the purchasers must sign a U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives document saying they are buying the guns for themselves. The Central Intelligence Agency was intimately involved with the federal government's infamous "Operation Fast and Furious" scheme to send American weapons to Mexican drug cartels while. ", Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images, "Once the ATF was more involved, we had a separate set of paperwork. Yes, it was stressful but, at the same time, you knew what you had to do, and you did it and tried not to spook him, or whatever.". CJNG members posted a video that went viral on social media in July2020 showing off their arsenal of tanks and .50-caliber guns. The California Maniac could just as easily bought a second hand gun and instead of killing people with it could have made handsome profit by selling it and more like it to Mexico because he is not connected by paperwork to what he is selling. Why wouldnt *that* be the most obvious area to apply enforcement pressure, instead of law abiding gun owners hundreds or thousands of miles away on the far side of the country? They have special loopholes that allow them to form their own government or something like that. Never mind that the majority of the cartels armament needs are met by leaks of official weaponry bought by the Mexican military. . (zero miles currently built 1 mo gov shut down trump heights built tho??? While we're busy patting ourselves on the back, you can pat too by voting here and here. Havent you heard anyone who comes to the US and gets a magic piece of paper is just as American and you and I. To intercept more Mexico-bound guns, the U.S. Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy of 2020, of the National Drug Control Policy, vowed that "the United States will improve criminal-intelligence and information-sharing for illegal weapons trafficking and enhance cooperation with international partners.". California gun-control activists credited that state's low total to strict state firearms laws that severely limit sales of military-style weaponry. Its a weapon of war, added the official. The flow of high-caliber arms smuggled across the porous U.S. border has alarmed Mexican officials and few weapons are as powerful as the U.S.-made M82 semi-automatic rifle increasingly favored by . The No. That sounds great, but the agent working with our source and his store told everyone that the charges wouldn't stick: "Our agent was pretty candid with us: He let us know the guys doing it had been arrested. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. ", Well, worry not, James, because the victims were mostly-, "And it's not gonna feel any better if I hear about some village in Mexico getting wiped out.". We know theyre being illegally trafficked through California into Tijuana.. He expected to be paid anadditional $5,000 once the guns were delivered toMichoacn, Mexico, according to court records. If you have a Barrett, it means that any non-special forces such as the localpoliceand the municipalpolicecannot fight you, Grandmaison said. Lets review recent history Genius Boy. Cartels often use drug profits to pay Americans to buy weaponsfor them at retail stores andgun shows, called straw purchases. Never heard of Fast and Furious? Majority all arms used in Mexico, where gun control laws are very strict, are bought in the U.S . November 23, 2022 Contact: Phone Number: (571) 387-3831 For Immediate Release Debt Collector and Drug Distributor for Cartel Connected, Violent, Drug Distribution Ring, Sentenced to 10 years in Prison Previous slide Next slide Handgun in leather holster Plastic bag of fentanyl pills Move slider to item #1 Move slider to item #2 That figures to 17.6 percent of the 29,000 figure for guns seized in Mexico, as given by the country's attorney general. John Boch, you said: The raw power of therifle, which weighs about 31 lb and is 4.9 feet long, was on show in mid-2020 during a military-style assassination attempt on Mexico Cityspolicechief that was captured by surveillance cameras. Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan argued against doubts raised by the National Rifle Association that ninety percent of all assault weapons seized in . They are still covering for the Obama administration. not mexican. That included riflesmanufactured in Tennessee and Arkansas capable of downing aircraft or ripping through armored police cars andtanks. That leaves the military as the only ones able to battle thecartels.. I would like to buy Holder and Obama for what they are worth, to sell them for what they THINK theyre worth. Then, he says, 'Oh, I've been interested in the Barrett.' Within the next 45 minutes to an hour, they would come in. Moodys says these cities may see prices drop up to 10%. [most of his city is north of the border so that shouldnt be a surprise. It is also one of the weapons of choice fordrugcartels, according to theMexicangovernment, which this week filed a lawsuit in theUS District Court in Massachusetts against the company and 10 other gun manufacturers. Earlier this month, theMexican government sued U.S. gun manufacturers in federal court, accusing them of fueling the violence. In the past, Jalisco has obtained squad machine guns, .50-caliber sniper rifles and 40mm grenades and launchers. Barn Brain also conveniently ignores the fact that there are gunsmiths in the U.S. and Mexico that regularly convert semi-auto American made guns to full auto as well and yes they are second hand guns not vetted that come from the U.S. In Michoacn, the global powerhouse Crtel Jalisco Nueva Generacin, or CJNG, has been engaged in a long and deadly battle with Sinaloa and other rival cartels. Alfred Guzman and Ivan Guzman are the sons of Joaqun (El Chapo) Guzmn Loera better known as the infamous kingpin of the Sinaloa cartel, which is North America's post powerful, and feared, organization trafficking drugs and laundering money worldwide. I would take that way further. Gunmen who left behind at least one M82riflewere seen spraying the armor-plated car ofpolicechief Omar Garcia Harfuch with high-velocity rounds. *awkward shrug*, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images. . Declare Eric Holder a domestic terrorist and arrest him. Once inside the U.S., Century Arms converts the rifles into military-style AK-47s capable of holding 30-round magazines. Evening roundup with our editors' favorite stories of the day . One exhibit features weapons seized from cartel members. In November 2009, the ATF's Phoenix field office launched an operation in which guns bought by drug-cartel straw purchasers in the U.S. were allowed to "walk" across the border into Mexico. Till then, fuck you! You try and keep it as normal as possible; you don't want to spook him because then everything's shot as well. Or perhaps Newsweek went out of print before the Fast and Furious story broke. Have a story to share with Cracked? Mexico: 18 bodies found after suspected drug cartel gun battle The bullet-ridden bodies of 18 men were discovered in Zacatecas state after apparent confrontation between suspected. it would help a great deal if the U.S. had much tighter gun control and drug enforcement.. Im having a memory lapsewhich guns are made in Mexico, exactly? Thirty-four. They want the firearms only in the hands they want so that they can execute their plan. Just look at the numbers for their drug war: Besides, the Belgian five-seven was supposed to be the ultimate status symbol], Tijuanas Director of Public Safety, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, says most of the guns flowing into his city come from north of the border. Into Mexico.. Our own government is gifting military weapons to Mexico & those arms are being used by the cartels. In May 2008, Mexican federal police raided a suspected trafficker house in Culiacan, a long-standing drug hotbed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Exactly, if America had adopted Mexican-style gun control, it probably wouldve had as many mass shootings as Mexico has had in the past 30 years. Try again Jethro your out of your league. Now, he's militarized the country. The Barrett M82 was a serious problem for security forces because its armor-piercing bullets can knock out the motors of reconnaissance vehicles and endanger helicopters, said aMexicanofficial, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Agents launched 534 investigations, seized $29 million and intercepted more than 1,200 guns, 4,700 magazines for semi-automatic and automatic weapons and 700,000 rounds of ammunition headed to. Theres no way for people to buy guns like these in Mexico. So, the ATF was like, "We'll show you! Its just to easy to buy up second hand guns and ship them to Mexico. Agents launched 534 investigations, seized $29 million and intercepted more than 1,200 guns, 4,700 magazines for semi-automatic and automatic weapons and 700,000 rounds of ammunition headed to. The reason the cartels had use for the Barrett is chilling: When you're as large as, say, Los Zetas, your "turf wars" involve the Mexican army. We'll sell those guys so many guns they drown in them! Vasquez'sattorney, Silverio Martinez, said he plans to lobby for leniency, even probation, arguing this is his client's first arrest. Under tight security, an anonymous New York federal court jury deliberated for three days before reaching a verdict in the drug trafficking case against ex-Public Security Secretary Genaro Garca Luna. Why was President Biden talking about Utahs 2002 Winter Games at the White House? The underground trade of weapons to Mexico is worth hundreds of millions of dollars annuallywith American guns used to kill tens of thousands of Mexicans each year.

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